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A Matanel Education Farm

Agriculture and vocational training center


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Our vision is a society in which young people and their communities are empowered with the capacity and skills to increase agricultural productivity, which in turn will contribute to a reduction in youth unemployment and poverty



Emphasizing sustainability over subsistence, our mission is to promote and support the participation of young people and entire communities in climate-smart agricultural activities by empowering and supporting them to define and fulfill their roles as key players in socio-economic development.




A Matanel Education farm

Who We are


In spite of the economic growth that Tanzania has experienced during the last five years, the country is still contending with the interconnected challenges of youth unemployment and youth poverty. Recognizing that agriculture is the industry with the strongest potential to employ the largest number of people in Tanzania, the organization aims to join the movement to encourage the young generation to consider agriculture as a viable and attractive source of employment.

Established in 2017 as an NGO, Kaima Tanzania is committed to promoting and supporting the serious participation of young people, ages 14-25, in sustainable agriculture as a way to help reduce youth unemployment and poverty in Tanzania.

our programs

Tailoring program

Kaima Village intends to give tailoring skills to girls at risk and young women in Sengerema districts for sustainable livelihoods (to make income and become self-providing). The girls who participate in the program learn to measure, cut, and stitch school uniforms. They also make clothes for the community, such as dresses, shirts, trousers, bags, and skirts.

Natural Farming

Land access for learning and trials, guidance and mentorship, tools, resources, building skills. The vision of the farming program is to equip the youth with modern farming knowledge and skills. The purpose is to enable them to go back to their communities and start their own independent farming activities.

Music Production

It gives an opportunity to our youth who are interested in music production offered by Kaima studio at the head office. The youth learn about song composition by using beats found in the keyboard organ. Then they can start producing songs for themselves or recording songs from the customers as the way towards income generation. Therefore, youth work in the farm in some days can also participate in music production.

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